Blanket Selection 1/5

There are three different sizes of blankets. The size of the blanket is defined according to the purpose and method of use, not the age of the user.

  • If you use the weighted blanket for sleeping as the only blanket, select the size you would choose from a usual blanket.
  • If the weighted blanket is used as an addition to an ordinary blanket, a smaller size can be chosen regardless of whether the user is an adult or a child. For example, you can turn the smallest blanket so that 100 cm is the width and 140 cm is the length, so that it reaches even a larger user from the chin to the toes. Or you can put a small blanket sideways maybe only on the legs.
  • For a quiet time and day-time snooze, you can choose the size you want from the handling point of view.


Choose the size of the blanket:

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