The Story of Serina Care

Serina Care focuses on design, manufacture, marketing and sales of sew-on wellness and therapy products. Our company has been sewing products since 2009 Initially the company employed only one person but today we employ several people with different skills that complete each other. The interest and enthusiasm for manufacturing the Serina products has began of a customer contact a few years ago. Of course, at that time, we didn’t know that the contact would have such far-reaching and significant effects!

An occupational therapist had recommended using a weighted blanket for a special needs child. The kindergarten contacted us and asked if we could produce that kind of a blanket. We wanted to get to know the subject more closely before making the blanket. Together with nurses and occupational therapists, we designed a blanket that best combined all the desired features such as suppleness, as well as water-washable and non-allergic materials. After various tests and experiments Serina weighted blanket was born. The Serina name refers to sensory integration that is the processing of sensory information. The blanket responded to the need and soon there was more demand for the blanket. Later Serina weighted snake was presented.

During the years, it has been our pleasure to notice that in addition to special needs children, many others have found our products useful. For example, people with chronic pain or sleeping problems have found the blanket helpful. Also people with memory problems with intermittent sleep have found help with this product.

Since their launch, Serina products have been sold by selected resellers. Now, with a new online store, we can even serve our clients directly. We consider it important to interact with the customer, because then we get feedback on how we have succeeded in our goals. Often the customers also give us some great development ideas and ideas about new products.

The product family is gradually growing in demand, with the right materials and production methods. We want to be sure about the safety, effectiveness and longevity of our products. That’s why the road from idea to product can be long sometimes. However, we think that by offering only the best we can be worthy of your trust.

Serina products- Produced with a big heart for you

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