Serina Sensory Tube


Put your hand inside the sensory tube and let your imagination fly!

Touch the shapes and try to identify them, feel the different surfaces: rough, soft, hard, elastic. The different shapes and textures stimulate the senses and the imagination, so you’ll be entertained for long periods of time. The tingling of objects can soothe, reduce stress and help you focus.


The sensory tube is ideal for people, who need to have something to do with their hands, a solution for motoric restlessness and coordinating mind and movement

Suitable for children with special needs and elderly people. It’s soft insert warms cold hands. The tube is also suitable for visually impaired people.

The touchable items are fixed inside the tube, so they cannot fall out and so there is no risk for choking.

Both ends of the tube have clamps for adjusting the openings to suit the user. It is also possible to fully close both ends, so adding items inside to the tube is possible and the items stay inside the tube while it is not in use.

For example, add two legos, two small cars, two dice, two strings, etc. and ask the user to find matches. You may also create a combining exercise: Add some lego bricks inside the tube, always two identical. The legos should be connected to their correct pairs within the tube by touch. Also try to tighten the other end of the sensory tube closed and leave only the other end open, which allows you to dig the bag and feel the objects with one hand.

You can have fun puppet show by wearing the tube fully over your hand and push out your finger as a puppet through the hole. Chat with the puppet that will peeks and hides next to you.

If the user tends to throw the items to the floor, you can add longer clamping straps to tie the tube to the chair, for example.

Keep the tube clean and fresh by washing it in the washing machine in a regular wash bag and turned inside out.

Offer your loved ones comfort, comforting warmth and action to improve the quality of life. Both hands and mind stay active and relaxed.

Don’t be surprised if anyone who has gotten to try the product wants theirs!

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Materials and Care

Top fabric: Peak: 100% PA, Bottom: 65% PES, 35% CO
Lining: Upper: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton, contents: 100% N-Soft ™ Polyester Wool

  • Can be machine washed with a water wash program at 40 degrees
  • Turned upside down in a washing bag
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Horizontal drying recommended
  • Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. No chemical washing.

Quality and Warranty

1 year warranty for material and manufacturing defects.


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