Serina Trial Blanket


If you want to try out the Serina weighted blanket before making a purchase, you can order trial blanket for seven full days. The purpose of the test blanket is to ensure the suitability of the blanket, as the actual sales piece cannot be returned when the seal therein is opened. Check out our trial agreement carefully. If your trial blanket meets your requirements, you will receive a -10% discount when you order your own from our online shop.

You can read more about Serina weighted blanket and find suitable size of the blanket here.


Serina weighted blanket is owned by Serina Care. By ordering a trial blanket online store, you agree to this agreement, policies and instructions.


The purpose of the trial is to ensure the suitability of the blanket for the person in need. The trial does not oblige you to buy a blanket. By the trial we want to guarantee suitable blanket for the customer, because you can not return the actual purchased blanket after breaking the seal. This will ensure that everyone gets their own blanket certainly the right size, unused and hygienic.

Trial Blanket

  1. Customer buys “Serina Trial blanket” from the online store with the size and weight that think think is a good fit
  2. The product will be sent after receiving payment.
  3. The customer has 7 full days to try out the blanket.
  4. After the trial period, the blanket is always returned to the manufacturer as it is not a sales piece.

Trial blanket has been tried by other people. It’s cleanliness and safety are taken care of by washing it after every use by Serina Care. For this reason, you should not wash the blanket yourself. The duvet cover must be kept on the blanket throughout the trial period. The blanket must also not be used in the immediate vicinity of animals.

The trial blanket will be sent to the customer in a sustainable bag. The blanket must be returned to the manufacturer in the same bag by delivery to the nearest post office. The inside pocket of the bag includes accessories for returning:

  • Label , to be attached outside of bag. Note: Do not use glue.
  • Cable tie that locks the bag’s zipper. This will prevent the zipper from opening during transport.
  • Feedback form, where we hope to get feedback from the experimenter on the trial period. Feedback can also be given by phone or email.

We will track pickup and return days through delivery system. Every extra day will cost € 35.

Please contact us if you have any problems tel. +358 44 243 1531.

All our blankets will be produced at Ylivieska, Finland with the highest quality. We have professional seamstresses as well as health care know-how. Our products are made with big heart, just for you.

We wish you comfortable and enjoyable moments with our blanket!


Will 50 euros be returned to me after the trial?
Trial will cost 50 euros, and is not refunded. If you decide to order your own blanked after the trial you will get 10% discount by using the code provided to you with your trial shipment.

Why does the trial cost?
The trial service brings costs to us as a company. It is not business for us, but we want to offer our customers the possibility to test our product before purchasing. Trial costs include return shipping costs, as well as blanket washing and handling. In addition, the production and material prices of these blankets, storage, packing costs and other workloads must also gradually be covered.

Where the trial blanket should be returned?
– The packets picked up at our factory will be returned to our factory in Ylivieska.
– When you choose Matkahuolto as the delivery method, you will return the package to a Matkahuolto office. The Matkahuolto return card is included with the blanket.
– If you have chosen any of the postal shipping modes of delivery, you will return the package to the Post office. You will receive a postal return card with the package.


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