Serina Weighted Blanket with zipper


Sleep well and natural well-being with soft and comfortable blanket!

The Serina weighted blanket with zipper is easily adaptable for different applications. The blanket consists of two blankets connected with a zipper, so it can be used in full size (140×200 cm) or as two small blankets (140x100cm). Currently the blanket is available in one size, 6 kg. The blanket consists of two parts, 3 kg each. You can wash the blanket even in a small washing machine, if you wash only one half of the blanket at a time.

Do the test and find out your optimal size and weight for a Serina weighted blanket.


Aina jotain uutta… 😉 140x200cm 6kg painopeittoon lisättiin keskelle vetoketju. 🖒 Näin saadaan helposti 2 kpl 3kg peittoa. 😊 Helpompi kohdistaa paino vaikka pelkästään jaloille. Olemme tyytyväisiä. 👌

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Each of us knows how important it is to recover from stress, to have enough rest and to have deep sleep. A weighted blanket is a therapeutic, heavy blanket that gives a comfortable feeling of pressure and increases the amount of feel good hormones. Thus, the weight of the weighted blanket calms down, relieves anxiety and eases restlessness. A steady weight around the body relaxes and creates a safe feeling. Knowledge of the boundaries of the body and the perception of it are also increasing.

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Benefits for weighted blanket:

  • helps focusing
  • relaxes body and mind
  • helps relaxing
  • makes falling asleep easier
  • balanced mood
  • makes you fell safe
  • helps control various sensory disorders

All our blankets are made in Ylivieska, Finland with the highest quality. We have professional seamstresses as well as health care know-how. Our products are made with big heart, just for you.

If there is no suitable blanket in our basic range, we will make the right blanket for you. Contact: [email protected]

Our trial blanket is meant for the situations when you want to make sure the blanket is right for you.


Weighted blanket is suitable for many people in different life situations from children to the elderly. The blanket is suitable for home, day care, institutional, hospital and therapeutic use. Cosmetologists and zone therapists as well as other welfare providers who want to offer the best to their clients can also use the blanket.
The blanket is not recommended for people with severe respiratory or circulatory disorders, fractures or osteoporosis. Also, people who are at risk of getting pressure ulcers must be particularly careful in using the weighted blanket. If you are not sure if the blanket is the right one for you, please contact us.
The blanket user must always be able to move the blanket away. The blanket should never be used to restrain a person against his will.

Materials and Care

We have carefully selected the materials for the blanket, because we only use responsible suppliers whose quality criteria are in order. That’s why we can trace our product to the source of its raw material if necessary.

Cover: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

Wadding: 100% N-Soft ™ polyester wadding

Weight material: 100% MediGrain rPET plastic

  • The blanket can be machine-washed with a water wash program at 40 degrees
  • Take into account the weight limits of the washing machine
  • No fabric softener
  • Horizontal drying recommended
  • Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. No chemical washing.
  • All materials are known to be non-harmful

Quality and Warranty

All our products are quality coded and their production process can be tracked, we know from what materials the blanket has been made, when it was made and who from us has sewn it.

Blankets are sealed hygiene products and cannot be returned if the seal is broken. If you are unsure about which blanket is the right one for you, we recommend ordering a trial blanket to ensure that the blanket is the right fit before making a final purchase decision.

1 year warranty for material and manufacturing defects. Please choose the size carefully. Should the blanket be of the wrong size, we are not obliged to change it.


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